Kondisi yang Cocok Untuk Foto Hitam Putih

Suitable Conditions for Black and White Photos

Black and white photos definitely have a lot of fans, right? But apparently not all photos are suitable for making black and white, KEE friends. According to photographer Tommy A Siahaan, there are several things that influence whether a photo is good or not. Any of them? 

1. There is no focus on the photo

If a photographer is confused about determining the focus of a photo, it would be better to use black and white. For example, the background and subject are the same, with a black and white photo, you can focus on the photo.

2. Contrasting colors

For example, the background color is red and the main subject is cream, with black and white photos it can produce quite clear contrast, it can show shadows and highlights.

3. Landscape photos

For landscape photos, but when the conditions are not good, for example, the sky is white clouds, you can use black and white photos so that you won't be distracted by the unfavorable sky color.

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