Komposisi Warna Dalam Foto

Color Composition in Photos

Color is one of the most important elements in a photo, so you really need to understand the influence of color in a photo so you can produce good photos. Function of color in photos:

1. Mood

Color can describe the mood of a photo. For example, blue can give the impression of peace, calm, calm. While green can give a fresh impression, yellow and orange give a warm impression.

2. Attract attention

A good color composition will definitely attract people to look. Usually bright colors can attract people's attention more than dark colors. Black is a neutral color so it tends to attract less attention.

Some benchmarks that you can use in taking photo composition:

1. Warm vs cool colors

Warm colors such as yellow, orange, red are considered more energetic and active. Meanwhile cool colors are softer which gives the impression of peace and calm. Colors that fall into this category include blue, green, purple. So, usually a good composition is where the subject is made up of warm colors, and the background is a cool color. But there are no definite rules for this, you can try experimenting and make the opposite, for example, it really works... Who knows, it might produce a unique photo...

2. Complementary (complementary) colors

This theory uses the color wheel created by Isaac Newton.

Source : www.fotografi.lovelybogor.com/

In this theory, if a subject has a red color, it is possible that the background color will be green. As in the logo example below..

Source : wikipedia.com

The logo above is a combination of violet blue and yellow-orange, colors that are opposite each other. This theory is widely used in photography, painting or design. But you are still allowed to experiment and break the rules. A photographer must have the courage to try new things as long as they produce good results. Good luck!

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