Komposisi Golden Ratio (Part 1)

Golden Ratio Composition (Part 1)

It turns out that many people are still confused about the golden ratio... Let's discuss it in more detail here...

The golden ratio is a ratio of 1: 1.618 which we actually encounter a lot in everyday life. It is important to remember that the golden ratio is not a mandatory rule that must be followed, but is a guide for us to get harmonious and balanced photos, but can also be adjusted to suit the conditions and desired results.

You can try making a line with a ratio like below, line A with a ratio of 1.618, line B with a ratio of 1.

You can find this ratio on your hands, KEE friends.. Take a look below..

Source : Youtube : DavidsonArtOnline

Very cool, right! Calm is just the beginning... In architectural buildings, ancient paintings,  too..

Source : https://photographyhero.com/
Source : Youtube : DavidsonArtOnline

So now how do you get the number 1,618? It turns out like this, KEE friends..

Source : https://photographyhero.com/

After getting the numbers from the addition, try dividing them by the results above like this, you will get a result of around 1.6!

Source : https://photographyhero.com/

From these numbers you can make boxes which turn out to be the number of additions we made above.

Source : https://photographyhero.com/

From these boxes we get a Fibonacci curve or Fibonacci Spiral by making curved lines from opposite ends of each square box.

Source : https://photographyhero.com/

You can use a spiral to guide the viewer's eye towards the point of interest in the photo. You can emphasize the subject in the photo with this curved line.

Photo by : Ansell Adams
Source : https://snapshot.canon-asia.com/

How are you doing, KEE friends... Do you understand more or are you getting more confused...? ;) Come on, let's share in the comments column so that admin knows, KEE friends, do you understand yet?

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