Komposisi Foto yang Instagramable

Instagrammable Photo Composition

Today, a person's level of existence can be seen from their posts on social media, especially Instagram. There are lots of photos that sometimes amaze us and make us think we must have used a cool camera. It turns out not really, KEE friends, you can also make cool photos as long as you know an interesting composition, like the composition below:

1. Composition of S

If you are observant, you can find this S-shaped composition. Apart from being attractive, this composition can add aesthetics to your photo. You can place it in the middle, on a third of the frame, or between textures.

2. Composition of L

This composition is often found in urban areas, for example between angular buildings, which you can use as a point of interest in your photo.

3. 50:50

You often encounter this composition when you are in nature, shadows reflecting on a lake for example. This composition can attract attention, especially if you can get an interesting color combination.

4. Repetition

Repetitive objects can create unique and interesting compositions. You can create a point of interest in the repetition and can place it in the middle, side, or follow the golden rule. Apart from that, you can also place it as a contrast to your main object.

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