Kisah Fotografer dan Corona

The Story of Photographers and Corona

This story of photographer Zoe Savitz from East London might inspire KEE friends. When during this pandemic people couldn't socialize, Savits took several photos together with her neighbors on Dalston Street. He went door to door and invited them to chat even though they were quite a distance away, just on the sidewalk and took their photos. It turns out that each family got a lot of stories and it was a unique experience for them because during this pandemic they were able to recognize each other and have a community they never thought possible before. Let's look at some of the photos and the story..

And, Lily, Harry and Caroline lived on that road for 20 years.
Tracey moved to this stretch of road from Cheshire five years ago.
Yoni is from New York.
Originally from Germany, Bilgin and Jens have lived on this stretch of road for two years.
Romana, pictured with toddlers Leyla, Isaac and Ayten, has lived on the street since 1977.

Elizabeth, Ben, Josh and Tom.
Jonathan, toddler Sara Haru and Theo, originally from London and Japan, have lived on that street for 15 years.

Abigail, Amanda and Josephine have lived on that street for more than 20 years.
Lucy is originally from Manchester, but has just returned from New York and has been living with her partner for a few months.

Sibylle, who has been living in her residence for three years, is originally a Swiss citizen.

James and Ben had lived in London for 10 years, but moved down the road a few months ago.
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