Kesalahan Umum Saat Pemotretan Astrofotografi

Common Mistakes When Shooting Astrophotography

Astrogotography may seem complicated, but if you already know the tricks it's definitely not as difficult as you think. Let's find out what mistakes people like to make...

1. Shoot in JPG format

It is recommended to shoot in RAW format because if you shoot in JPG format you will lose a lot of important data that you need during the editing process.

2. Set when it's dark

You can go to the shooting location before the sun has set so you can set up your camera and choose a good position. If you come when it's already dark, you will have difficulty managing in the dark.

3. Poor planning

It is recommended to avoid taking photos on cloudy nights or when the moon is full. Usually shooting will be better when there is no moon. Check weather conditions and moon cycles before going to your destination.

4. Photographing in polluted areas

Light pollution can prevent you from getting good pictures. You can stay away from urban areas to avoid pollution.

5. Bring lots of equipment

Sometimes the idea that good equipment can only produce good photos needs to be thrown away. You just need to make sure your camera settings are right and the weather conditions are right, you can take great photos.

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