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Simple Mistakes When Shooting

Actually in the photography world there is no wrong and right. It's just that in shooting usually as much as possible there are no mistakes so that the results are more magnificent. What are some simple mistakes that you might make without even realizing it? 

1. Avoid objects that are unsightly and not related to the photo theme

Before you press the shutter button, try to check if all the elements in the frame are right. If there are some distracting objects, maybe you can change your angle, or if possible move the object. What kind of things? For example, garbage piling up, or people walking. While you can edit them out later, it's better if you get a clean photo.

Source : unsplash

2. Pay attention to the line elements

The line element is a pretty strong element in an image. Make sure that before pressing the shutter button, there are no irregular lines. For example, let's say you are photographing a small road but there is a cable dangling down. Even though it's small, it's distracting and can ruin your photo. 

3. Oblique horizon

This is the most common and widely practiced, oblique horizon line. Try to shoot straight unless your concept is slanted.

Source : unsplash

4. Be careful with cropping body parts

You really need to know which body parts are suitable for cropping. Because if it's wrong, it will make your photo look weird and disturbing. 

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