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Simple Mistakes When Shooting

Often we take photos without realizing that we are making simple mistakes. But it turns out that this simple mistake can affect the quality of our photos, KEE friends. Check out the tips here to avoid these mistakes.

1. Before taking a photo, check again all the objects that are in the frame

You need to check again to see if there are any objects that could disturb the whole of your photo that are unsightly, such as a pile of rubbish. You can use Photoshop to edit but it would be better if you avoid looking for other angles.

2. Pay attention to lines and cables

The presence of wild lines in a photo can affect the results of the photo because lines are a very strong element and can distract the viewer's attention. For example, when you photograph a river from above a bridge, the photo becomes unattractive when the bridge rope enters the photo.

3. Slanted horizon line

Usually this happens a lot when you take photos of natural landscapes. For example, when you take a photo of a sunset and accidentally shoot it at an angle, you can edit it in Photoshop, but it would be better if you avoid it when taking the photo.

4. Be careful when photographing people

You need to pay attention when photographing people so that no parts are cut off in inappropriate places, for example cutting off the knees.

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