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Why are 50 mm Lenses so Popular?

KEE friends may ask why the 50 mm lens is in high demand? After some "research" here are some summaries of why 50 mm lenses are in demand among hobbyists or professionals.

1. Affordable prices

The 50 mm lens is one of the most affordable lenses ranging from beginner series, vintage to professional series. So indeed this lens is often a grail among beginners and this lens is also a mainstay among professionals.


2. Low light champion!

Why? Because these 50 mm fixed lenses often offer large diaphragms ranging from 2 - 1.8 - 1.4 - 1.2 to 0.95! 


3. Very friendly towards FULL FRAME or non

Because this lens often forms a habit at the beginning of shooting where 50 mm is often associated with the size of the human eye's viewing distance, it feels very normal to use on any sensor size. The usual low distortion makes this lens comfortable too! 


4. Lightweight

Certainly this lens is not only effective in providing optimal results, lightweight is one of its advantages even if we compare it with wide or tele lenses that have similar diaphragms. 


5. Sharp like human eyes!

Just as in the previous point, we feel very comfortable when wearing it and the sharpness is also very comfortable to look at because the level of complexity of the lens arrangement is very familiar among lens makers. 


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