Kekurangan Electronic Shutter

Disadvantages of Electronic Shutter

Apart from the advantages provided by electronic shutters, making the shutter sound smoother and the shutter speed faster than mechanical shutters, of course there are disadvantages too. Anything?

1. Distortion

One of the most noticeable things is distortion when using the electronic shutter, starting from moving objects, cars, propellers, even people. Distortion is not very noticeable when the object is moving slowly or is still, but the faster the movement, the object that should be vertical will appear tilted.

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2. Flash

When using an electronic shutter, on most cameras you cannot use the flash. Speedlights only have one light setting based on their strongest setting, around 1/400 second. If you use it for 1/10 of a second, your photo will turn white because it is too bright.

3. Fluorescent light

When photographing using fluorescent light and an electronic shutter, lines can occur in your photo because the fluorescent light is not always on, there is a period of turning on and off, around 50-60 cycles per second. You can imagine that in your photo you will see lines according to the period of the fluorescent light cycle.

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4. Camera features that cannot be used

Usually when using an electronic shutter there are several features that cannot be used on the camera and each type of camera can be different.

So is it better not to use an electronic shutter? Maybe some people even think this is just a marketing gimmick. When you need to be calm when taking photos, for example when photographing wildlife, of course you don't want your target animal to run away because you hear the sound of the camera shutter. You can pay attention to several things when using the electronic shutter:

  1. Keep movement to a minimum
  2. Make other features silent in mode, such as the focus lock sound
  3. Get to know your camera
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