Jenis Kamera Sesuai Aktivitas

Camera Type According to Activity

Nowadays, there are so many types of cameras that you can choose from, but usually the more choices you have, the more confused you are.

1. College assignments

For those of you studying design, communications or tourism, there may be a course assignment that requires you to take photos with a certain theme. If you don't know yet whether you are interested in photography, you can buy a standard camera such as the Canon 1000D, or if you want a newer Canon 1100D. This camera is usually equipped with an 18-55mm lens which is quite good for your college assignments.

2. Traveling

If you like traveling and OOTD, you will definitely prefer a camera that is light and easy to carry. You can choose a mirrorless camera because its size is quite compact and the weight is much lighter than a DSLR camera. but there is no doubt about the quality, almost the same as a DSLR.

3. Office documentation

For office activities, you usually like to take photos with your cellphone to make it more practical. But after a while you don't want to, if your memory runs out for taking photos for all your office needs... Well, you can persuade your boss to buy a pocket camera for one million, enough for your needs. Easy to use and practical.

4. Beginner photography

If you previously used a pocket camera and you want to pursue a hobby of photography but are constrained by insufficient funds, you can try a prosumer camera. This camera can be adjusted manually, the lens is quite good and the price is not as expensive as a DSLR. The quality of the photos is good, it's still below a DSLR but above a pocket camera.

5. Extreme activities

For those of you who like extreme activities such as hiking, diving, cycling, this camera is really suitable, yep! Action cam! This camera can survive high speed conditions, but the resulting images are okay. Usually this camera is equipped with a casing to protect the camera, apart from that there is also a special mount to make it easier to place in various places such as helmets, surfboards, motorbikes, etc.

6. Professional photography

For those of you who are determined to be serious and become professionals in the field of photography, you can choose a DSLR camera with various advantages that you can adjust to your budget because the photo results, sharpness and speed in taking pictures are beyond doubt.

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