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Types of Films

There are various types of films which are usually grouped based on how they tell the story, fiction or non-fiction. Several types:

1. Documentary film

This film is a film that documents real, non-fiction events. Usually related to people, figures, events or locations that really exist without being made up. The topics raised usually raise issues that are currently happening, for example to provide news, knowledge, education, social politics, or someone's biography. Some examples of documentary films:

a. Ala Bajo Scholarship (Southeast Sulawesi)

b. Magical Fairy Tales (Jakarta)

c. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (USA, 2011)

d. This Is It (Kenny Ortega, USA, 2009)

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2. Fiction films

This film usually has more fans than documentary films because the story that is built is usually made as interesting as possible. This film contains the cause and effect of an event, the motivation of the main players, antagonists, protagonists, detailed camera settings, and so on.

Even though this film was pre-arranged, the process of making it turned out to be quite complicated. Many factors influence it, such as weather, absent players, inadequate crew.

In the manufacturing process there are usually 3 stages:

a. Pre production

This stage is the initial process of a film, starting from the creative process, writing the script, making a short list, drawing a story board, casting and so on.

b. Production

Where you realize the concept that was created at the beginning. This process includes capturing images and sound in a scene.

c. Post Production

The final stages of film making such as adding visual and sound effects. You can manipulate images and sounds according to the desired concept.

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3. Experimental films

This type of film is difficult to categorize as to what type of film it belongs to because everything can be hit by this film. This film is also not considered fiction or non-fiction, nor is it included in the documentary film category.

Some examples of experimental films:

  1. Ritual in Transfigured Time (Maya Deren)
  2. The Dante Quartet (Stan Brakhage)
  3. Beach of Agnes (Agnes Verda)
  4. Perfect Human (Jorgen Leth)

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