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Types of Landscape Photography

In landscape photography the view is the main subject of the photo. Usually human elements in photos are quite rarely found in landscape photography, if they exist they are usually to show the scale of the photo, how big or small an object is. There are several types of landscape photography, what are they?

1.Representational photography

In this type of photography, what you see is what you get. Usually photographers don't do anything to the appearance of the scenery, just photograph the original beauty of nature. You need to pay attention to the light and weather when taking photos so that your photos can look impressive. You can also add filters to make your photos smoother, like a painting.

2. Impressive landscape photo

This type of photo usually uses a technique that has the aim of creating an image that has emotion and activity. This type of photography is usually subjective because each person who sees it has a different perception. This type of photography is still included in landscape photography because the object taken is natural beauty.

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3. Abstract landscape photo

Landscape photography can also show patterns and shapes made from nature. Apart from that, it doesn't always have to be natural views, it can also be urban areas and buildings that can provide lines and angles in making a photo.

4. Rural landscape photos

Usually this photo depicts a scene where there are no humans. Most of these photos were taken outside urban areas, such as in fields or agricultural and plantation areas.

5. Landscape photos of the sea

This type of photo shows a view of a wide expanse of beach or ocean. Usually your photos will look more impressive when land and sea meet. There can also be interaction with human activities in it.

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