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Types of Photography

For KEE friends who are just starting out with photography, you may be confused about the many types of photography which usually also influence the choice of camera, lens and other equipment. You may also have more than one type of interest, you know... Let's explain them one by one...

1. Nature

a. Landscape photography

Landscape photography usually displays a wide angle of view with natural objects which sometimes also contain man-made elements such as dams. Can be divided into several categories, sea, mountains, sky, clouds, etc.

Source : Pietro De Grandi@peter_mc_greats

b. Wildlife photography

This type of photography usually takes photos of wild animals in their natural habitat. Photographers must have the skills to get close to animals without being detected.

c. Macro photography

This photography usually captures close-up details of an object, for example flowers, insects or water droplets. This type of photography shows a small world that cannot be captured with other types of photography.

d. Astrophotography

This type of photography takes space objects which are usually taken using a telephoto lens. Photographers need to master exposure techniques when taking photos because they are usually in dark conditions.

Source : Benedikt Jaletzke@benej98g

e. Underwater photography

Take photos of underwater objects that are rarely encountered in everyday life. But this type of photography requires special equipment that is waterproof.

2. Human interest

a. Street photography

Known for his street photos that capture everyday life. This type of photo usually has meaning and purpose.

Source : abi ismail@abiismail

b. Portrait photography

Portrait photography usually depicts the mood, personality and expressions of a person or group of people. You can focus on the face, half the body or the whole body.

c. Photojournalism

This type of photography documents an event that is happening directly. Must be honest and impartial, for example from a war zone.

d. Wedding photography

Wedding photos may be quite complex, because they cover almost all areas of photography, macro, portrait, journalism, landscape.

e. Sports photography

This type of photography, as the name suggests, documents sporting activities. This photography focuses more on technique and dramatic movement.

Source : Razvan Chisu@nullplus

3. Man-made photography

a. Architectural photo

This type of photo depicts the aesthetics of a building, for example cityscape photography.

b. Still life photography

Still life is a type of photography that makes inanimate objects look alive.

c. Food photography

The challenge in food photography is how to make the food look appetizing. Can use simple tools such as a cellphone camera.

Source : Whitney Wright@whitney_wright

4. Other types of photos

a. Fashion photo

This type of photography displays fashion and clothing, often using models.

b. Black and white photo

Photography that provides attraction through the colors black, white and grey.

c. Abstract photo

This type of photo is usually quite unique because there are no general rules. It could just be lines, patterns, shapes, colors.

d. Conceptual photo

This type of photo is usually where the photographer creates a concept to convey something through the photo.

e. Concert photo

Concert photos are included in journalistic photography that documents musical performances. Quite challenging for photographers because it is dark and the lights change quickly and there are lots of crowds.


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