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Documentary Film Type

KEE friends, you already know what a documentary is, as we discussed yesterday... It turns out there are many types of documentaries, KEE friends... What are they? 1. Trip report

This type of film is usually known as a travel film in the form of a person's travel report and is documentation for anthropologists and in the field of ethnography. You can find a lot of films of this type, such as the trail of an adventurer, or a film about the story of a backpacker.

1. History

This type of film relies on data from events that actually occurred. So the films shown must have accurate sources.

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2. Biography

This film tells the story of a well-known character. Usually it tells about the character's life journey from birth to death and usually discusses the positive side of the character.

3. Nostalgia

This type of nostalgic film is similar to a historical film, the difference is in the plot. Nostalgia emphasizes flashbacks of events experienced by someone.

4. Reconstruction

This type of film usually depicts an event completely. But the location, costumes, make up do not have to be exactly the same as the original incident.

5. Investigation

This film usually raises an issue in more detail, such as an investigation into embezzlement, murder, or other incidents that require in-depth investigation.

6. Science

You probably already know this type of film... Yep! Discusses science in an informative manner. Well science consists of science documentaries or instructional films.

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