Istilah Pada Lensa Third Party

Terms in the Third Party Lens

Apart from the brand of camera used, KEE friends usually have to consider buying third party brand lenses that have good quality and price, such as Sigma, Tamron and Tokina. Well, but usually they also have abbreviated terms which are sometimes different from Canon and Nikon.

1. Sigma Lenses

  • EX – EX lenses are the highest class (premium) lenses in Sigma lens products.
  • DC – DC lenses are lenses made specifically for crop cameras (APSC)
  • DG – DG lenses are Sigma lenses designed for full frame and crop cameras
  • OS – OS is Optical Stabilizer (same as IS or VR)
  • HSM – Hyper Sonic Motor, uses motor technology that is quieter but faster to focus.
  • ELD – Extra Low Dispersion, uses special optical elements that minimize chromatic aberration , flare and ghosting
  • SLD – Special Low Dispersion, higher class than ELD
  • FLD – F Low Dispersion, uses a low dispersion element containing fluorite
  • APO – Apochromatic Lens, APO lenses are made to minimize chromatic aberration
  • ASP – Aspherical Lens, this lens has a complex element design to improve general quality and reduce the size and weight of the lens
  • IF – Inner Focusing, the lens focuses by moving the internal elements instead of the front elements
  • RF – Rear Focusing, the lens focuses by moving the rear element
  • CONV – This lens can be used with a teleconverter

2. Tamron Lenses

  • In – Digitally Integrated, this lens has a coating that is optimized for digital cameras
  • Di-II – like Di, only for crop cameras (APSC)
  • In III , this lens is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras
  • USD – Ultrasonic Silent, similar to USM, SWM. Quiet and fast in autofocus
  • PZD – Piezo Drive, the same as USD but the drive is a piezoelectric motor
  • VC – Vibration Compensation, Tamron's stabilizer technology, same as IS, VR
  • New VC – updated VC technology
  • SP – Super Performance, Tamron's premium lens
  • XR – Extra Refractive, wide angle lens with a special design so that the size is smaller
  • LD – Low Dispersion, this lens uses elements that minimize chromatic aberration
  • ZL – Zoom Lock, this lens can have its zoom locked so that the lens barrel doesn't move by itself
  • IF – Internal Focus, the front of the lens does not rotate when focusing.
  • ASP – Aspherical Lens, designed to be of high quality and slimmer in size

3. Tokina lenses

  • DX – designed for crop cameras (APSC)
  • PRO – professional grade (premium) lenses from Tokina
  • FX – this lens is designed for full frame cameras, but can also be used on crop cameras
  • ED – Extra Low Dispersion, a special element to minimize lens optical defects
  • SD – Super Low Dispersion, like ED but in a higher class
  • HLD – High Refraction Low Dispersion, ED lenses but specially designed so that the size is not large
  • US – uses aspherical elements to improve photo quality
  • FC – Focus Clutch, quickly switches between manual focus and auto focus
  • IRF – Internal Rear Focus, the lens focuses by moving the rear element
  • FE – Floating Elements, specifically designed to minimize astimagtism
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