Inspirasi Background Food Photography (Low Budget)

Food Photography Background Inspiration (Low Budget)

To produce tempting food photos, there are many elements that support them, one of which is the background. There are several backgrounds that you can use that are economical, aka low budget.

1. Burlap

Jute cloth is usually used to make burlap sacks. You can use it when photographing vegetables, or something that is still fresh so it gives the impression that it has just been picked.

2. Cotton fabric

Cotton fabric is usually used quite a lot in food photos because apart from being easy to get, cheap, it also gives a homely impression.

3. Wooden cutting board / tray

Usually for cooking you use a cutting board to cut food ingredients. You can also really insert a cutting board into your photo frame, you know. Try to make sure that the size of your cutting board matches the food you are photographing, not too big or too small. You can also adjust the color of the wood to match the food being photographed.

4. Stone / ceramic floor

Stone or ceramic can give a photo a premium look. You can choose neutral colors such as gray, white, black, cream. You also need to remember that it's best to use a texture that doesn't reflect so that it makes it easier when shooting with flash. Apart from that, another advantage is that you can easily clean it when food or drink is spilled.

5. Paper bag / parchment paper

Paper can also be an alternative for your photo background, KEE friends. You can use parchment paper which is usually used to wrap puyer medicine, choose a natural color or white, adjust it to your photo concept. Usually this paper is used to photograph cookies and brownies. But usually this paper can only be used once because it is easily stained and torn.

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