Ide Unik Menggunakan Continuous Mode

Unique Ideas Using Continuous Mode

Surely you have used continuous mode when taking photos. Usually used when photographing a process with a fast shutter speed so that you get several images. It turns out that you can also produce unique and interesting photos using this mode! Here's how:

1. Capture some style

You can use it for model photos. You can ask your model to style continuously for a few seconds. So you can take a photo and hold the shutter button for about 3 seconds and you will get about 10 photos with different styles. For this photo you can use Aperture Priority mode.

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2. Shooting 360 degrees

You can use it for 360 degree photos. Look for a place where you can turn 360 degrees and see the whole interesting view. Apart from that, you can use it to photograph landscapes, roads or city views from tall buildings.

3. Take action

You can ask your subject to move so that you can get the process of that movement. You can be creative with these photos, for example by reversing the order of the photos so they move backwards. Or you can try other creations.

Good luck!

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