Ide Lokasi Prewedding di Indonesia (Part 2)

Prewedding Location Ideas in Indonesia (Part 2)

5. Padar Island, Komodo Islands

You may be a bit unfamiliar with Padar Island, but you're definitely familiar with Komodo Island, right? Padar Island is the third largest island located in Komodo National Park. You can get a view on the hill showing very beautiful islands and the ocean.

Source : Instagram/ diktatphotography

6. Parangkusumo Sands, Yogyakarta

This desert, which is located not far from Parangtritis Beach, makes it seem like you are in the Sahara desert. No one would have thought that this would be in Indonesia ;)

Source :

7. Sumba

If you like natural scenery, it's perfect for taking pre-wedding photos on Sumba because this island is surrounded by savanna, beaches and Grand Canyon-style waterfalls. Very interesting, of course...

Photo by : Xquisite Photography

8. Nusa Lembongan, Bali

This island, which is 30 minutes from Sanur beach, has many beautiful pre-wedding locations, such as Devil's Tears, the yellow bridge, or mangrove forests. Maybe it's not enough for a day to get photos in all the places, you know...

Photo by: Apel Photography (left); Photo by : Terralogical (right)

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