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Unique Travel Photo Ideas

Usually, when traveling, you definitely don't forget to take photos. This time Mimin wants to share photos that are unusual and unique. Let's look at the tips here:

1. Try a different angle

Angle is one of the important things in this tip. For example, if you usually take photos at the beach, that's all, now you can try from another angle, such as from below, the sand. You can choose one main subject with a background of sand and sea. Your photos will be different from usual.

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2. The right timing strategy

Usually when it's holiday time it's definitely very busy... Well, if it's already busy, you can just go for a walk, you won't be able to experiment more. The tip is that you can come in the morning where the location is still quiet and you can be more free to adjust angles and experiment. Maybe you could also consider coming during the low season.

3. Interact with other people

Not every person likes to be photographed immediately. It's better if you engage the person first, so you can get a good photo.

4. Photo of a place icon

You can create a frame that is quite unique by using people passing by a place. Or other ideas that you might think of. It can be more interesting if you take a photo on the location icon so that people who see your photo immediately know where you took the photo.

5. Edit the image

The resulting photos usually do not escape image editing. Sometimes you like the photo to be right but the light is too bright or vice versa. But image editing is the last option when your photo results are still lacking.

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