Ide Bisnis Dari Hobi Fotografi

Business Ideas from Photography Hobbies

You definitely want to make money from your hobby, let alone create a business from that hobby. Let's check it out to find out what you can do with this photography hobby?

1. Wedding and Prewedding Photography

Many photographers start their careers by becoming wedding photographers, one of the factors being that the need and demand for this photo service is always there. Everyone wants to immortalize important moments in their life with experts in their field.

2. Food Photography

It has been proven that good food photos will increase a person's appetite, so many food entrepreneurs need the services of a food photographer. Several special techniques are needed so that the food served looks delicious and tempting.

3. Company Profile Photo

This type of photography is one that produces results, but you also need to have a good portfolio and make them believe in the services you offer. You need to build connections with the people around you who may become clients later.

4. Magazine Model Photos

If you are interested in the world of photo modeling, persevere and seek as much knowledge as possible because in this world you can also earn quite a bit of money. Who knows, you could become a photographer for a famous fashion magazine or you could build your own business.

5. Still Life Photos for Commercials

Usually this type of photo is widely used in the world of advertising, it can be on billboards, magazines and other media. The objects photographed vary depending on needs, not limited to food, but can also be bottles, bags, or cars.

6. Photobooth services

This service never dies, KEE friends. There are as many fans as there will always be for wedding photos. Many people want to immortalize their wedding moments in the form of photos in the space provided. Not only at weddings, but also for other events organized by companies, for example. You need to prepare various equipment such as a photo printing printer, camera, flash and several props.

7. Sell Photos Online

If you like photography and want to have passive income, you can try this opportunity, by offering your photos to people who need them. Many people are looking for photos to use on the web or in promotional media, they can buy a license from you to use the photo and are free to use it. It's better for you to first read the terms and conditions provided by each photo selling site, because they may be different on each site. You can sell like at or

8. Create a Photography Course

For those of you who are already skilled in the field of photography, you can try to create a course, but you need skills to share knowledge with other people because not everyone has that ability. Many people may not understand tutorials or tips given via videos on the internet and need direct guidance.

9. Create an online photography tutorial

If you want to share but still feel less confident about performing live, you can try teaching through online tutorials. You can make your own recorded videos or articles, blogs about photography and share them with interested people for a fee. If you want to share it for free, you can profit from advertising.

10. Buying and selling used camera equipment

If you have strong instincts in trading, you can try this business. Not everyone has the ability to buy new camera equipment, or there are also people who are after used goods such as lenses that may no longer be produced. You can get items from friends, relatives or even your own items that you may no longer use. One of the advantages is that you master the use of the tool, so you can explain it easily, besides that you are more observant in knowing whether the camera or lens is still in good condition. But of course you are required to be honest with potential buyers, don't cover up the true condition of the goods in order to get more profit because this can also affect your own reputation.


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