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Instagrammable Photo Background Ideas

When taking photos, you definitely don't just just take photos. You need thorough preparation so that your photos are good. Apart from preparing the subject of the photo, camera, light, photo base, don't miss it, of course... The right photo base can create a mood in your photo and has its own aesthetic value. So, what can be used as a photo base?

1. Colored paper 

You can really use colored paper as a photo base. You can adjust the paper color to suit the theme of your photo. Apart from the price being quite cheap, the colors available also vary. If your paper is large enough, you can stick one side to the wall and one side to the floor. There are various types of paper that you can use, HVS paper, Manila cardboard, folding paper, buffalo paper, wrapping paper, and so on.

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2. Blanket/bed cover/sheets

It's really possible to use a blanket as a base. Because of its large size, it gives you more freedom to be creative. You can use plain designs, or if you want to play with designs, you can. It is recommended that it be plain so that you can use it repeatedly. The mood created with this background is calm, aka really comfortable...

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3. Fabric

You can use whatever fabric you have around you, it doesn't have to be expensive fabric or buy new. For those of you who wear the hijab, you can also use a veil as a base for your photos. Apart from being quite cheap, the advantage is that it can be washed and is durable. One more thing, you can also use patterned fabric, for example knitted. Just adjust it to your photo concept.

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4. Wood

If you have wood that you no longer use, or a wooden table, you can also use it as a photo base. The result? It's no less beautiful than other photo mats, of course... But you need to pay attention, the color of the wood usually varies, so you can check first whether the color matches what you want.


5. Feather carpet

Feather carpets are usually made from animal hair such as sheep and goats. But nowadays there is a synthesis, you know. So apart from being cheaper, it looks like the original. There are various colors ranging from white, gray, pink, and so on. You can choose according to your needs.

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