Hati-Hati Menggunakan Baterai 3rd Party

Be Careful Using 3rd Party Batteries

To maximize your photography hobby  usually like to buy additional equipment for the camera including batteries. The factor that influences buying 3rd party batteries is because the price is cheaper than the original brand, the difference can reach 1/3 of the original price. Well, that's why many people choose 3rd party brands for their equipment.

But KEE friends, using 3rd party batteries is no guarantee that the quality is the same as the original brand. It could even damage your camera. An example is the experience of Lee Moris from Fstoppers who used 3rd party batteries for the Panasonic GH5 camera. If using the original battery, when the battery runs out, the camera will carry out a shut down process such as the process of turning off the camera by moving from on to off which ensures the camera stops safely.

When trying to use a 3rd party battery during the video recording process, when the battery runs out, the camera immediately turns off without going through the shut down process. As a result, the video file becomes corrupt and cannot be used. Well, KEE friends definitely don't want this to happen to you, right... There are several things you need to pay attention to when using 3rd party batteries...

1. Usually 3rd party products are made in China, which in fact there are many clone products that have the same content but are just given a different brand. It could be that there are several different brands but have the same components. It cannot be said that Chinese products are not good, there are also many Chinese products that are good, it's just that quality usually depends on the quality control of each factory. You should check the specifications and test first.

2. Don't use the 3rd party battery until it runs out and check the battery power frequently. If the battery indicator shows that it is low, it is better to replace your battery with one that has full power.

3. Find out about the brand you are going to buy, check reviews and experiences of people who have used that brand. Ask about a clear guarantee so it's safer.

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