Hal yang Menyebalkan Buat Para Fotografer (Part 2)

Things that Sucks for Photographers (Part 2)

6. Being prevented from photographing official events

When you are assigned to photograph an official event, such as a wedding, while you are busy looking for the right angle and composition, it turns out that something is blocking you from taking the photo, so you can use your cell phone anyway. I'm sure many people have experienced this... It's okay, just don't hinder other people, okay?

7. Wow, the photos are good, that's normal because the camera is expensive...

Surely some of KEE's friends have heard comments like that... Annoying! However, expensive photos don't just involve an expensive camera. It also takes a lot of practice and sensitivity to capture good moments and compositions.

8. Don't ignore the model when taking photos together

You've called around, but your photo model still doesn't look. It's a mixed feeling... This is what it feels like when you photograph a joint venture model. For those of you who have a decent face, you might still look if you call. But if not, maybe you need to be patient. The trick is to try to get to know the model first before the photo shoot so that she already knows you and can respond better.

Sourde : Traxmagz

9. Asked for help from a friend but it's free

If your goal is just to help, there's no problem. But if photography is your livelihood, it's better not to be close to friends with models like this, okay?

10. The dilemma of bringing a tripod

Sometimes I want to bring a tripod, I'm too lazy to carry a lot. But if you don't bring a tripod, it turns out you need it. It's really annoying huh..

There are lots of ups and downs of being a photographer! But it's okay, keep up the enthusiasm, all KEE friends!

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