Gelas Plastik Untuk Foto Makro

Plastic Cups for Macro Photos

When you want to do macro photography, there are usually distractions, the subject is moving, the camera is shaking, or the shadows and light are harsh. You can really try these tips from photographer Joseph Linaschke... You don't need to use lots of expensive tools, but they can help. You just need to prepare a white plastic cup, scissors, camera and duct tape to stick it together.

First cut the bottom of the glass and try to see if the cut glass hole can fit into the front of the lens. After the glass is installed, use duct tape so it doesn't come off easily. Start taking photos.

With this glass you can overcome problems that usually occur:

  1. When the photo subject is moving they cannot fly freely out of the glass
  2. The camera is more stable because there is a support at the bottom so it can reduce blurry photos
  3. Glass can be a diffuser that softens the incoming light
  4. Can add sharpness to the subject of the photo

Some results:

Without plastic cup (left) ; With plastic cup (right)

The bigger your lens, the bigger the glass size you need. Apart from that, you can also add several more glasses to increase the length of the glass that will be used.

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