Fungsi dan Cara Memakai Filter CPL

Functions and How to Use the CPL Filter

The CPL or Circular Polarizer filter is a filter that is useful for increasing color contrast in a landscape photo. But you also have to know when to use it and when not to use it.

CPL filter function:

1. Make colors more contrasting and saturated.

This filter can help with the saturation process when editing photos. Apart from that , the shadow reflection of the object being taken can be removed so that the photo appears clearer and more detailed. For example, it can be used for photos of cloudy skies, with this filter it will be more dramatic and in photos of leaves, it will look greener.

CPL Filter Function

2. Eliminates reflections from non-metallic objects

This filter is widely used to photograph lakes with clear water by showing the bottom. This photo is difficult because the surface of the water usually displays a shadow of the sky. You can use a CPL filter to remove or reduce sky shadows.

How to use the CPL filter:

  1. Place it on the front of the lens, rotate it slowly. Once the filter is installed properly, you can use it straight away.
  2. On economical lens types, you can do autofocus first because usually the front lens on economical lenses will also rotate when autofocus is running.
  3. Use when the sun is on the right and left. You can eliminate reflections on your right and left at an angle of 90 degrees from the direction of the sun. Meanwhile, to eliminate maximum reflections, you can do it at a 45 degree angle from the surface.
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