Fotografi dengan Kamera HP 101

Photography with Phone Camera 101

With the development of the times, it is increasingly easier for us to photograph objects with good results just with a smartphone which is very easy to carry everywhere. Here are 101 photography tips with a cellphone camera that are very easy to apply.

1. Activate the grid for the rule of thirds
One of the most basic cellphone camera tricks is to learn the rule of thirds technique. To use this technique, you have to activate the grid on the cellphone screen so that guide lines appear to make it easier for you to divide each object position.
2. Focus on one object
Have you ever felt like you've put all your photography skills into play but the photos are just blurry? Maybe one of the reasons is because the selected object is not quite right.

3. Play with light reflections
One of the biggest problems and challenges when taking pictures or photos indoors is the lack of natural light and lighting. The right light supply can make the targeted object look clear and crisp. The best time to take photos using a cellphone or smartphone is usually in the morning and evening, avoid taking photos in broad daylight.

4. Find symmetrical angles
Symmetrical photos look very beautiful to the eye. It makes people who watch them wonder whether the photos are man-made or whether they are naturally beautiful.
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