Fotografi Arsitektur 101

Architectural Photography 101

Architectural photography is fun!
This genre allows others to gain a new understanding and perspective on buildings they have never visited.

1. Shoot in a variety of weather conditions and times of day
To depict a situation or process on one or several objects, we can take different shots at different times and weather conditions to create varied photo results.

2. Don't be afraid to involve people
Ideally, good photos are made with objects that are beautiful, or at least interesting. But people who accidentally fall into the photo frame or even simple and boring objects can be good photo objects if photographed with the right technique.
3. Try taking photos from different angles
The angle when taking a picture is very important to know because the angle at which the picture is taken can increase the quality and meaning of a photo. Angle is a degree point, which means it consists of many angles. Apart from qualified equipment, choosing a photo angle is also important in order to produce good and unique photos.

4. Explore as much detail as possible
Taking detailed photos often tells the story of a situation by focusing on a relatively small portion. Taking detailed photos can be done through compositional techniques because they can draw attention to specific details of the subject that may not be noticed.

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