Fotografer Perempuan Indonesia (Part 1)

Indonesian Female Photographers (Part 1)

Talking about photography, this job which is dominated by men does not rule out the possibility of female photographers becoming professional photographers. Are you curious about who?

1. Nicoline Patricia Malina

Surely all KEE friends know who Nicoline is. Yep! This female photographer has a strong character in each of her photos. Coming from a background as a model

has a great curiosity, making him a fashion photographer since 2006.

Source : (left); Instagram - npmphoto (right)

2. Carol Kuntjoro

This poetic female photographer always displays the intimacy of a couple in her shots. The story displayed is in accordance with the mood expressed by the couple in the photo so that the photo is unique and has life in it. Not infrequently, Carol also likes taking photos with her film camera.

Source: (left); Instagram - carolkuntjoro (right)

3. Martha Suherman

This photographer is known for his unusual works, underwater and movement photography. Not only beautiful, Martha is also tough and consistent in her work. There are many photos that amaze many people, depicting the richness of Indonesian culture.

Source: (left); (right)

4. Nyimas Laula

Nyimas is a photographer who works extensively on humanitarian and environmental issues. Many of the photos from this photographer have been published by international mass media such as Reuters, The New York Times, National Geographic, and many others. Nyimas has sensitivity in raising documentary topics which is also his main strength.

Source: (left); (right)

5. Rittar Rajagukguk

This photographer who specializes in baby photos is famous for his expertise in creating unique and personal baby photos. Coupled with unique decorations and his skill in directing the babies, the photos are beautiful and adorable.

Source: (left); Instagram - rittarrajagukguk (right)
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