Foto Produk Dengan Budget Terbatas

Product Photos with a Limited Budget

When taking photos, KEE friends will definitely be more enthusiastic if you use new gear and equipment. But if you are on a tight budget, you can still take photos without all the new equipment and gear. How do you do it?

1. Rent a camera/equipment

New items definitely offer something more. But there's no harm in using what you have. If you still feel it's not enough, you can also rent equipment or a camera. More affordable than having to buy new. Or you can also make your own equipment. Save more, also hone your creativity.

2. Maximize light sources

Lighting is an important factor in photography. You can use any light source around you. Make the most of it and know the nature of your light. The direction of lighting is also quite important. Make sure the direction of the light does not create unwanted shadows in your product photos. You can take photos in the early morning or mid-afternoon to get softer light.

3. The right background

The choice of background is also quite influential. Choose a background with a neutral color so that your product stands out more. But again, it can be adjusted to suit your photo concept.

4. Take it from different angles

One corner is not enough KEE friends. You can try and explore several different angles until you get the best angle and product dimensions.

5. Editing process

The editing process is not absolutely necessary, but if it can make your photo look more prominent and attractive, why not? You can learn how to edit appropriately and suit your product and experiment. You can learn from online tutorials and try it directly.

Source: Night Shift Wax Company
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