Foto Model di Dalam Air

Model Photos Underwater

Anyone want to try photographing models underwater? Wow! It's really interesting, of course... Apart from that, it also has its own challenges. Let's take a look at the important things you need to know before taking photos underwater.

1. Get enough rest

Becoming a photographer requires creativity and struggle that sometimes not many people know about. But you also need to pay attention to your model so that you can get enough rest because taking photos in water uses a lot of energy.

2. Security

One of the most important is security. Because in the water the risks are greater than outside the water. Make sure there is a bodyguard who can help and look after your model.

Photo by : Capturing Hawaii Photography

3. Teach the model to practice breathing

You can teach your models breathing a few days before the photo shoot so they get used to it because usually many people wrinkle their faces when holding their breath underwater. This is definitely not the kind of photo you want to get. The tip is that your model should take as deep a breath as possible before entering the water, the result will look more natural and relaxed when in the water.

4. Bring eye drops

During the photo, it's not uncommon for your model's eyes to become red. You can get around this by dropping tear drops before entering the water so that your eyes don't dry out easily.

Photo by : Capturing Hawaii Photography

5. Move slowly into the water

Make sure your model moves slowly when entering the water and doesn't rush. The model's body will tend to rise upwards. Instruct the model to keep the feet, fingers and toes extended so that there are no unwanted movements. You can also direct the model to make it look like the dil is dancing in water.

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