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Miniature Photo

This photographer's photos make you jaw drop. It's really cool, and what's even more unique is that he made this photo on his work desk! Matthew Albanese creates his own world by making lifelike miniatures which take months and are equipped with super creative photography techniques. For example, you can see in the photo below..

After The Storm; Photo by : Matthew Albanese

The photo above is made of synthetic fleece for the prairie part. Meanwhile, in the cloud part, cotton and natural stone are used to make mountains. The lighting effect used only shifts the white balance and cotton, canvas and light temperature to form a sunset.

Aurora Borealis; Photo by : Matthew Albanese

In the photo above, Matthew uses colored light beams reflected on black curtains to get an edged effect on the light. For the shape of the tree, a real tree is used and it is the only original element in this photo. For the star, use a lamp placed on the back of the board with a hole in it.

A New Life #1; Photo by : Matthew Albanese

Matthew made a diorama for this photo using colored parchment paper, thread, ostrich feathers, carved chocolate, wire, raffia, coffee, cotton and even mossy soil. After the diorama was ready, he made lighting to give a dramatic impression to the photo.

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