Foto Low Key Dengan Flash

Low Key Photos With Flash

Low key photos using flash are really possible... The method is quite easy and the equipment needed is quite simple:

  1. External flash
  2. Wireless trigger
  3. Camera
  4. Lightstand, you can ask a friend to help you hold it if you don't have one.

So how:

  1. Set the wireless trigger to be on the same channel. On the trigger there is usually a number switch that can be adjusted, don't forget to make sure both triggers (receiver and transmitter) have the same number.

2. Install the flash on the wireless receiver and use manual mode

3. Install the wireless transmitter on the camera hot-shoe, and make sure the camera is in manual mode

4. Position the object or model on a dark background (not necessary, but it would be better if it was dark).

5. Adjust the exposure until under exposed (a number below 0)

6. Point the flash at the object and the distance is not too far from the object.

7. Press the shutter button.

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