Foto Hitam Putih Pertanda Depresi dan Kesepian?

Black and White Photos Are a Sign of Depression and Loneliness?

Now every day we definitely look at social media. Various kinds of photos are uploaded every day. Some use filters, some just do it as is. But, did you know KEE friends that it turns out that the photos uploaded by each person usually depict the conditions experienced by that person, including the choice of photo color.

According to research, people who are depressed usually prefer to use filters with gloomy colors such as black, white and gray. On the other hand, people who are happy usually prefer photos with bright colors.

Maybe this research is still premature to be declared as solid fact and needs to be researched further. The research conducted above was from 40,000 photos on Instagram from 166 groups of volunteers and 70 of them were declared depressed and usually they didn't realize that they were depressed at that time.

So, what do you think, KEE friends?

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