Filter Foto DIY (Part 1)

DIY Photo Filters (Part 1)

Using filters when taking photos is really fun... You can give different effects to your photos. Well, of course using a filter doesn't have to be expensive, you can also make your own at home...

1. Droplet filter

Source : Youtube : COOPH

With this filter, you simply spray water on the lens. If you have a UV filter, maybe you can spray it on your UV filter, because if it gets directly on the lens, the risk is definitely very big.

2. Lens flare filter

Source : Youtube : COOPH

You can use fishing line and attach it to your lens with solatip. Make 2 transverse lines on the front of the lens. When exposed to light, it will be reflected and refracted.

3. Fake tilt-shift filter

You can cut a transparent plastic sheet, make a hole in the middle. Glue it to the front of the lens. You can experiment with various shapes of holes to be made, they can be square, round, or other shapes.

Source : Youtube : COOPH

4. Plastic filters

You can tie the plastic to your lens, or hold it and position it at the front of the subject (foreground).

Source : Youtube : COOPH
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