Fakta Tentang Baterai Kamera

Facts About Camera Batteries

The camera battery is very important, if you don't have a battery you definitely can't take photos. So, what are the facts about this camera battery?

1. Battery swells

The battery and camera both conduct electricity so they can turn on. Even when it is off, there will be an electric current, even in a very small amount. If it is installed for too long and not used, the battery will swell and can cause damage to the camera components. You should remove the battery if it is not used for a long time.

Source : http://borneodigital.id/

2. Original batteries are of the best quality

Original batteries are definitely better than kw batteries or third party batteries. But there's no harm in having both batteries as a backup because the original battery is quite expensive.

Source : http://borneodigital.id/

3. Battery life

It turns out the battery also has a lifespan. Usually it can be charged 300-500 times. After that, the battery power usually decreases even though it has been fully charged. It's best to use the battery until it's completely used up, then charge it, this will help extend the life of the battery.

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