Extension Tube Pada Fotografi

Extension Tube in Photography

For those of you who are new to the world of photography, you may still be unfamiliar with the term extension tube. It turns out that this tool is widely used for macro photography. So you don't have to have a macro lens to get the effect with a macro lens.

Source : https://www.diykamera.com/kegunaan-extension-tube

There are several uses for extension tubes that you must know:

1. Extend the distance between the camera and lens.

This tool is useful for making the distance between the lens and the object closer so that the lens can focus at a greater distance so that it can photograph small objects accompanied by zoom. The extension tube is just a ring that does not have an optical element inside so it does not affect the quality of the photo.

2. Make an ordinary lens into a macro

Extension tubes can provide the magnification effect found in macro lenses. There are several extension tube options with different focal lengths, for example if we use a 25mm extension tube on a 50mm lens, then we get a magnification of 0.65x. The use of an extension tube will be more effective if combined with a short to medium focal length lens.

Extension tubes are one of the accessories in photography, but for those of you who like macro photography, if you don't have a macro lens, you can use this tool as a replacement because if the minimum focus distance of the lens doesn't support it, no matter how close the lens is to the object, it won't get good focus.

Good luck, KEE friends!

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