Dari Hobi Jadi Cuan

From Hobby to Profit

Surely we all want to turn our hobbies and passions into careers and sources of income, but it's definitely not that easy, bro! There are risks and challenges that must be taken, like Dennis Agusdianto, an Indonesian photographer who works in Taiwan.

Photo by : Dennis Agusdianto

He began to fall in love with the world of photography when he was in high school. Then he had the opportunity to continue his Master's studies in Taiwan. Here Dennis began to hone his photography skills. He studied autodidactically, watched tutorials and videos on YouTube, and most importantly tried and continued practicing, trial and error.

With more practice, Dennis' self-confidence grows and makes him more confident in the skills he has. It didn't stop there, he continued to learn more about the world of photography and expanded his portfolio.

Photo by : Dennis Agusdianto

Finally, in 2019 he decided to become a freelance photographer who focused on holiday photography for families and couples in Taiwan because he saw the opportunity. One of the reasons he decided to make photography his career was because he enjoyed work that had more free hours, unlike typical office hours.

Being a photographer provides many exciting experiences, as well as being fun because you can help capture other people's special moments. It's great that you can have the opportunity to go for a walk and enjoy places that you may have never visited before.

Photo by : Dennis Agusdianto

There is also sadness, most people still like to underestimate the photography profession. They think everyone can take photos as long as they have a camera. Usually the result is that they like to underestimate expensive photography services. But don't be discouraged, KEE friends, the important thing is to give real evidence, rather than thinking about other people's judgments.

I believe everyone in this world has their own passion and what they desire to do in this life, they are just too afraid to pursue it. - Dennis Agusdianto

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