Daftar Kode Eror Pada Kamera Canon (Part 3)

List of Error Codes on Canon Cameras (Part 3)

17. Err 81

Problem: There is a problem with the camera mirror, usually occurs when the camera shutter is pressed halfway and the bottom position of the mirror cannot be verified by the camera system or when the mirror in the top position is not detected by the shutter release.

Solution: Try opening and reinstalling the battery, if it still doesn't work you need to take it to a service center.

18. Err 84

Problem: Electronic communication between the camera body and lens cannot be connected, this can occur when the camera is turned on or when the shutter button is pressed.

Solution: Clean the connectors on the lens and camera as in Err 01, check for damage or anything unusual. Try replacing it with another lens, if it still doesn't work, take it to a camera service center.

Source : www.didyrosyidi.id

19. Err 99

Problem: There is damage to the camera system. Can be indicated by a flashing battery image on the top screen.

Solution: Take it to a camera service center to have it checked completely.

20. bu59/bu54/buSY/busy

Problem :

There are several things that cause this error to occur:

  • Flash is being recycled. Usually it appears that if we take photos using the flash continuously for a short time, the flash will rest for a while to prevent the flash from overheating.
  • You are using continuous shooting. However, the buffer on the camera and memory card is full so you cannot continue shooting.
  • The camera is connected to a PC, MAC or printer.

Solution :

  • Press the shutter halfway, appears on the LCD screen, “Wait until the display turns off.” which means the camera is giving the flash a chance to recycle or clear the buffer. Wait a moment, and the camera can be used again.
  • If the camera is connected to a PC, MAC, or printer, you can disconnect it first and then connect it again.
  • Never turn off the camera when the "busy" message appears, it can cause errors on the camera or memory card.

21.Battery level is too low, cannot clean sensor

Problem: This is because the battery is about to run out and causes the shutter to close during the sensor cleaning process. This may cause damage to the sensor.

Solution: Use a full battery when you want to carry out the sensor cleaning process.

22. Cannot playback images

Problem: The camera tries to open the file on the camera but it doesn't work. This is caused by :

  • You are trying to open a file shot using a non-EOS camera
  • The previous photos were transferred to the laptop and edited, then put back on the memory card
  • There is damage to the memory card

Solution :

  • Import the photo to your computer, check to see if it can be opened
  • Try using another memory card and take some photos with that camera.

If the photos can be opened again, there could be a problem with the memory card.

23. Clean / CLn / CCd

Problem: A message appears if dust is detected on the sensor because it can cause it to look like black spots on the photos.

Solution: Turn off the camera, turn it on again, the camera will activate the sensor cleaning process automatically. Or you can also carry out the sensor cleaning process manually by selecting the sensor cleaning menu in the Set-up tab in settings, selecting 'Clean Now'. the cleaning process starts, the camera may try the shutter but no photo is taken.

24. ErrCF / CardErr / Folder number full

Problem: A message appears if there are too many folders or files, folders reach 999 or photo/video files reach 9999. The message will still appear even though there is still space on the memory card.

Solution :

  • Remove and reinstall the memory card
  • Use another memory card
  • Move all photos to PC, format memory card

25. L-error message

Problem: We try to access camera controls while the switch is locked

Solution: Open the lock first before accessing camera controls.

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