Contekan Pose Untuk Wanita

Pose Cheat Sheet for Women

Taking photos of women might be easier, because they usually like taking selfies... But there's no harm in checking out a cheat sheet for interesting poses...

1. Show shoulders

You can take a simple pose by exposing your shoulders. You can take photos from a variety of different angles.

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2. Play the hand

Usually your hands may not be very visible, but you can use them in a variety of different positions, but don't show your palms.

3. Sitting pose

A simple sitting pose can be good too... Just for photos with your knees raised, remember that your knees have to touch each other... Or you can also try other sitting poses with simple poses and take them from various angles and angles.

4. Lie down

You can try lying on the ground. This pose is suitable for outdoor photos, such as in grass or flower fields.

5. Casual pose

You can ask your model to take a pose that they feel comfortable with, ask the model to twist their body, hold their hair, and experiment with the position of their hands, feet and head. Standing a little on tiptoe can give the effect of looking taller.

6. Lean in

You can try a relaxing pose by leaning your back against the wall. Or you can also lean your hands or feet against the wall.

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