Contekan Pose Untuk Pria

Pose Cheat Sheet for Men

Photographing men can be tricky, right? It's very important for your model to feel comfortable during the photo shoot so that the photos come out better. Apart from that, don't limit their desires in posing too much, so that they are more relaxed and confident. So what's the pose?

1. Crossed arms

This pose is the simplest pose. You need to pull your shoulders slightly inward and keep your stomach visible. You can try taking full body photos with crossed legs.

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2. Hand poses

For those of you who are confused about where your hands should be, you can try this pose. Hands on hips, in pockets, and both arms crossed over chest. You need to remember to try to make sure your hands look relaxed and there is no muscle pressure.

3. Relaxed sitting pose

For this pose, you can place your right foot on top of your left knee so it looks more relaxed and natural. You can shoot a little upwards.

4. Lean against the wall

You can try this pose for a casual style.

5. Bring books/goods

This pose is suitable for formal photos, carrying something can describe the model's character.

6. Formal sitting pose

You can direct them to sit at a table so that your photo looks formal and depicts their profession. Apart from that, you can also take photos from behind to make it look more lively.

7. Sit on the floor

This pose is quite easy and looks natural. You can take it from a variety of different angles.

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