Contekan Pose Untuk Anak-Anak

Pose Cheat Sheet For Kids

Taking photos of children is definitely a lot of fun, seeing their cute expressions... But how do you direct them so that the photos are good? Come check this post...

1. What is

You need to remember to shoot at their eye level. You can try to style them as they are, capturing their natural expressions and emotions.

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2. Lie on the ground

The pose lying on the ground can also look cute. You also have to shoot from a low angle parallel to them. Or you can also use other objects as support such as cloth, try to use plain colored cloth so that it doesn't stand out too much and focuses on the children's expressions.

3. Use favorite objects

Favorite objects can give good emotions, you can try taking photos of children hugging their favorite dolls, or for example eating their favorite food, or even their pets. They will show natural expressions of their love for these objects and animals.

4. Be active

You can try photographing their daily environment, what they usually do, so that your photos don't seem artificial. You can observe them while they are busy and you don't disturb them.

5. Play

Children definitely like to play. They can freely express themselves and express their joy. You can take photos from various angles. You can also create your own games, such as hide and seek, which are quite simple.

6. Hugging

This pose is sure to be liked by everyone. You can invite mother or father to play and hug their children. This can show warmth and bonding between parents and children. Capture their expressions and emotions. You can create a concept first and add accessories to support your photo.

Keep in mind that when photographing children, you need to use a fast shutter speed because children move quickly and their facial expressions, eye direction and heads move very quickly. Use continuous shoot mode to get multiple frames for more photo options.

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