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Catchlight in Portrait Photos

Eye light or what is known as catchlight is an important element in portrait photos. The light caught by the eyeball makes the photo more alive. You can see the difference in the photo below..

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The way to get catchlight is not difficult if you know the tips. You need to pay attention to several things when taking photos:

1. For outdoor shooting during the day

You can use the sky to create a catchlight, make sure this lighting is in the model's line of sight. It is not recommended to look directly at the sky and sun because light that is too strong can make the model squint so that it doesn't get the catchlight.

2. For indoor shooting

Make sure the model does not look in a dark direction because this can cause no light reflection in the eyes. If you shoot during the day, you can place the model near a window or at night you can use a lamp. It is recommended to use a lamp with a large hood to get a catachlight effect. If the light is too small, you may not get the catchlight effect. Don't shine colored light directly on your face.

3. Use reflectors

You can use a reflector if the light source is not in the subject's line of sight. The existing light can be reflected through the reflector onto the model's face.

4. The 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock rule

Usually the catchlight is placed at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock on the eye or somewhere in between. This position is considered the most natural because natural light during the day will be in that position.

You can also be creative with unique and interesting catchlight shapes, such as stars and hearts.

How to make :

  1. Cut the white cardboard into the shape you want
  2. Position the paper in the direction of the model's gaze
  3. Give light to the cardboard
  4. A catchlight will look like the shape you want

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