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How to Care for a Tripod

KEE friends are definitely familiar with this item... Yep! This object is very helpful in shooting, especially for photos at night. Apart from that, usually a tripod is one of the pieces of equipment that comes into direct contact with soil, mud or water. So you need to take care of your tripod so that it lasts.

1. Always wash after hunting, especially in dirty terrain

Surely you often place your tripod in a place that is dirty or exposed to sea water. It is important that you wash your tripod immediately so that it remains durable, especially after it has been exposed to sea water. Sea water can corrode your tripod quickly. Or if you don't find fresh water, you can clean the sand stuck to the tripod and then wash it after you get home and don't forget to dry it until it's completely dry. If the dirt is serious enough, you can use detergent to help remove it.

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2. Apply lubricant to the hinges

Usually the parts that move frequently are the parts that are prone to damage. You can apply lubricating fluid to the hinges so that they stay good and don't break easily.

3. Store it in a special tripod place

With a bag, you can keep your tripod from dust. Apart from that, it also makes it easier for you to carry it without having to carry it without a bag .

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