Cara Merawat Kamera Polaroid

How to take care of a Polaroid Camera

Of course you don't want your Polaroid camera to break quickly... Check out the following tips on how to care for it...

1. Store in a dry place

Make sure to store it in a dry and not damp place to avoid mold, especially on the lens.

2. Remove the battery when not in use

When stored, remove the battery. It is better if the battery is removed and installed again when you want to use the camera.

3. Carry it in a special bag

It is recommended to carry the camera in a special bag so that it is safer and more practical and can be protected from direct impact.

4. Clean the camera after use

Don't forget to clean the camera after use, especially after being in a dusty place. Surely many people are lazy about this... Cleaning the camera can prevent the appearance of rust and fungus, KEE friends...

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