Cara Menghindari Moire Pattern

How to Avoid Moire Pattern

Do you already know what a moire pattern is? Well, usually if there is moire in a photo, it's difficult to remove, but when taking photos you can avoid it. Let's see how..

1. Check the photo when shooting subjects in a tight pattern

When photographing subjects with closely repeating motifs and patterns, you should immediately check the photo immediately, zoom the camera LCD to 100% and check whether there is moire in your photo. If you find moire, then you need to do these things:

a. Change the distance or focal length

You can avoid this by changing the distance of the sensor to the photo subject. You can move places or can use zoom in or zoom out. By changing the distance of the photo subject, you can reduce the level of detail in the pattern which can cause moire.

b.  Change the focus to another direction

You can try to move the focus point to another area of ​​the photo.

c. Change angle

By changing the shooting angle, you can sometimes eliminate the moire effect. Try different angles until you get what you want.

d. Narrow the lens opening

By using a narrow lens aperture you can reduce moire. It is recommended to use f/11-f/16.

e. Editing

After you have done the various methods above, but moire still appears, the final step is to edit using Lightroom or Photoshop.

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