Cara Mendeteksi Debu Pada Sensor Kamera

How to Detect Dust on Camera Sensors

Dust definitely cannot be separated from our lives. This one thing is always there wherever and whenever. But how does dust get into the camera sensor?

  1. There are movements in the lens such as zooming and focusing. When the lens rotates, dust attached to the lens can enter the camera sensor
  2. The rotation of the lens causes the elements to rub together, allowing debris to fall onto the sensor.
  3. When changing lenses, dust can get inside and stick to the sensor.

Symptoms if there is dust stuck to your camera sensor:

  1. The size of the dust appearance changes with changes in aperture. If you use a large aperture (small number) dust may not be visible. If you use a small aperture (large number) dust will be immediately visible.
  2. Dust spots are always in the same place
  3. You can do a photo test and check the results as in the picture below


You can try the following steps to check your camera:

  1. Set the camera to Aperture Priority
  2. Create metering in the Matrix / Evaluative Metering position
  3. Make ISO 100 / 200
  4. Turn off autofocus, use manual focus
  5. Set the aperture at the smallest opening, f/22, for example
  6. You can photograph a blue sky or a piece of white paper until it fills the entire frame
  7. Check your photos
  8. If there is no dirt like the photo above, it means your camera is safe
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