Cara Mendapatkan Uang Dari Fotografi

How to Make Money From Photography

In a pandemic season like this, for KEE friends who usually receive photo jobs such as pre-wedding or weddings, there may be less because of reduced contact, especially today starting PSBB volume 2 in Jakarta. Don't worry, KEE friends, you can also make money in other ways. Let's see how..

1. Sell photos

You can earn additional income by selling photos to various online photo shops such as Shutter Stock. You can get a commission from every photo sold. Not only from Indonesia, but also from abroad.

2. Take part in a photo competition

Usually many photo competitions are held with various themes and objects. Many famous photographers also participated as participants in the competition. You can also earn income from there.

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3. Create a YouTube channel

Currently, the opportunities to become a YouTuber are getting bigger, starting from camera reviews, sharing knowledge, tutorials and various things related to the world of photography. If you have a call, you can really try this one. But it also takes quite a lot of effort to make an interesting video.

4. Open a photography class

If you have a passion for sharing, you can really open a photography class. If your class is interesting, of course more people will join and you can earn income.

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