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How to Photograph Floating Food

Flying burgers, floating salads, it makes you really curious, how do you take the photo? Well, this time we will be taught by Uncle Karl Taylor, the photos are definitely really cool. Come on, take a look!

Photo by : Karl Taylor

So what we want to learn is how to make a floating tea photo like the one above.

Making floating food certainly requires more effort than usual because many things influence it, from composition, placement position, to lighting. There are several stages that are usually used, pre-visualization, preparation, lighting, and shooting.

1. Pre-visualization

This stage is the most important stage because you can plan everything, from composition to lighting. Apart from that, you can also guess what challenges you will face and how to solve them.

In the photo above, Karl wanted a photo with tea exploding out of the cup with milk pouring on top. Now you need to think about how to get the effect of exploding tea when milk is poured into the cup at the same time. Karl thought about using several photos combined. By making a simple sketch, it will help you be clearer about the desired final photo result.

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2. Preparation

After knowing what challenges exist, you need to prepare solutions. The preparations started from modifying the cup so that the hot steam and flying tea could be captured properly, to trying the air pressure to throw the tea. Creative and out of the box thinking is needed to successfully overcome existing challenges.

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Preparing the cup (left) ; positioning objects (right)

3. Lighting

The lighting used is quite simple, using 3 lights with 2 softboxes on the right and left, and one light from above. The light you want in the photo is soft light but can give a 3-dimensional impression. You can experiment with the distance and angle of each object in the light to get the best results.

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4. Photoshoot

Once the lighting was right, Karl started by taking photos of the hot steam using a kettle and took several pictures until he had some pretty good choices. After that, take a photo of the milk poured into the cup.

Tea explosion photos require several takes to get the best results. You need to ensure that there is no motion blur in the photos. You can use a fast shutter speed to get good photos.

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