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How to Photograph Glass Cups

Who likes to be confused when photographing glasses? If you shine the light directly on the glass, the glass won't look like glass... What do you think...? So don't worry, this time Mimin got tips from photographer Jay P Morgan. Come on, take a look!

You can put white cardboard on the back of the glass. If you give a small cut, the light will be darker, the wider the white cardboard you use, the smaller the shadow lines on the glass. You can be creative with the use of this cardboard according to the results you want.

Shadows look more faded (left) ; Shadows look harder (right)

Next we will discuss several types of settings that will be used.

1. Narrow Beam LED Light

You can use this type of light and put it at the back. Just use a small light to get the shadow of the glass on the back.

2. Acrylic Plexiglass

You can use plexiglass so that light passes through the acrylic. This process does not reflect light, but you take the photo directly into the light. Plexiglass can make the light produced softer.

Without using acrylic (left); Using acrylic (right)

3. Use Softbox

This method is very easy, you can use a softbox on the back of the glass horizontally. Don't place the light too high. The presence of shadows can give shape to the glass.

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